Wieliczka Salt Mine


Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most eagerly visited tourist sites in Poland. Its unique character and beauty was created by nature about 15 million years ago. During almost nine centuries of salt exploitation, Wieliczka Salt Mine developed into an extensive underground city with a therapeutic climate and steady temperature of 14ºC. As a cultural and geological phenomenon, it was visited already in the 15th century. Nowadays it is a complex labyrinth consisting of over 300 kilometres of galleries, about 3000 chambers and nine floors, the last of them at 327 metres underground. The two-kilometre Tourist Route in Wieliczka includes 22 chambers connected by galleries. A licenced, English-speaking guide will show you the ancient shafts, mysterious salt lakes, a collection of mining machines and equipment, sculptures, bas-reliefs, and the most impressive and opulent St. Kinga's chapel. A weary visitor is more than happy to find a cosy, underground restaurant at the end of their route, where he can take a rest and have lunch.

In 1978 Wieliczka Salt Mine was entered on the first UNESCO World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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4 hours

transport by bus, private guide - 1 for 35 people, courier, insurance, entrance 

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