Dear Magda,

We are back home and exhausted after our group.

Thank you very much for the work and effort you had made in making this tour
a true success and exceeded our expectations.

Ewa was wonderful and a very patient lady and performed her duties extremely
well and often went out of her way to assist people.

We truly hoped everyone had showed their appreciation for excellent service.

The selection of hotels were very good to excellent, however the hotels in
Prague and Krakow were very nice positioned hotels, but unfortunate
closeness to bars did create excessive notice at night.

Your selection of restaurants were excellent and maybe buffet meals in
hotels or restaurants could be a better option. Mainly the people with
special meal requests.

Needless to say, that would like Ewa to take the 2015 group and may need to
work around her commitments as well.

Again thank you for the gift that you had given us and will think of you
when enjoying a little drink.

Kindest regards and best wishes