HI Magda,

Just got feed back from the NAV group who was super happy with everything!

Here is what they wrote to me today:


We're back after a great trip to Poznan.
We were met at the airport by Marianna that came with us on the bus to your hotel.
Check-in went very quickly. It turned out that one of the participants had left behind a backpack on the bus such as contained PC and passport.
We then called Marianna and the bus driver came with backpack morning after.
Meetingrooms and the rooms were very good in the hotel. They boasted of the rooms and the design of the hotel.
The food was also good spec. breakfast.
Poznan Feast Tour was very good with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide, Piotr. It turned out that it was his premiere, but it would not think.
Anyway, the program fell on good soil.
Monday night we were at Bovaria and there also only positive feedback. Delicious food and drink.
So both socially and academically, this was just great.


Thank you so much for your help with this group :)